Written: November 22, 2017

National class action lawsuit filed in Atlanta against Equifax

A national class action lawsuit filed against Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX) claims that criminals have started using the information gleaned from July’s massive consumer data breach.

The Washington Post reports that a lawsuit, Allen et al v. Equifax, filed in Atlanta pulls together dozens of individual complaints from consumers in all 50 states plus Washington D.C., and “suggests that cybercriminals aren’t wasting time using the Social Security numbers, credit card accounts, driver’s license numbers and other sensitive personal information they siphoned out of the credit bureau’s reputedly secure databases on 145.5 million Americans,” writes columnist Kenneth R. Harney.

Harney reports that the suit intends to create a single giant class-action suit against the Atlanta-based credit reporting agency. Georgia resident Robert Huntis among the individuals reportedly apart of the lawsuit, claiming that multiple “unauthorized mortgages” have been applied for using his stolen information.

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Groundbreaking set for I-285/Georgia 400 overhaul

State officials are pulling out all the stops in starting work on an $800 million overhaul of the interchange of Interstate 285 and Georgia 400.

Three hours have been set aside on Nov. 3 for a combination groundbreaking ceremony and luncheon celebrating the start of the project.

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